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Top 10 Best Website to Download English Songs Free in (2024)

In the digital age, music has become an integral part of our daily lives, and the internet offers a plethora of options to explore and enjoy our favourite tunes. If you’re on the lookout for the best websites to download English songs for free in 2024, you’re in the right place. Here’s a curated list of the top 10 platforms that not only provide a vast collection of music but also offer a user-friendly experience. So let’s dive down into the top 10 English songs free download websites.

English Songs Free Download Sites List

Let’s start with the most popular and best amongst all.

1. YouTube


Youtube English Song

YouTube stands as the undisputed giant in the field of online video content, and it’s not just about videos or vlogs; it’s a powerhouse for music enthusiasts as well. With millions of music videos, live performances, and audio tracks, YouTube offers an unparalleled platform for discovering and downloading English songs for free.

One of the notable features of YouTube is its extensive collection that spans across genres and eras. From timeless classics to the latest chart-toppers, users can find almost any English song they desire. The platform caters not only to mainstream artists but also to emerging talents who use YouTube as a launchpad for their music careers.

For those seeking to download English songs from YouTube, there are multiple options available. While YouTube itself offers a download feature for certain videos, users can also resort to third-party tools or browser extensions designed for this purpose. It has been listed in the best site to watch Hindi movies online, and also in the list of top sites to download Punjabi movies.

These tools enable users to save their favourite tracks offline, allowing them to create personalised playlists without the need for a constant internet connection. Moreover, YouTube’s recommendation algorithm adds an extra layer of convenience for music enthusiasts.

  • YouTube remains a powerhouse for music discovery and download.
  • Many artists and record labels share their music videos and audio tracks for free.
  • Users can download songs using third-party tools or YouTube’s official download feature.

2. SoundCloud



SoundCloud stands out as a dynamic platform where creativity knows no bounds. Renowned for its diverse musical landscape, it serves as a best place for both established artists and emerging talents. SoundCloud apart is its emphasis on independent musicians, making it a haven for those seeking fresh and undiscovered sounds.

Artists often use SoundCloud to share their latest creations directly with their audience. The platform’s user-friendly interface facilitates easy exploration, and listeners can download tracks directly, fostering a seamless music discovery experience.

From indie rock to electronic beats, SoundCloud offers an eclectic mix of genres, ensuring that every user finds something to resonate with. In 2024, SoundCloud continues to be a vibrant community that celebrates musical innovation, making it a top destination for free and legal English song downloads. You can download the top 100 English songs free download mp3.

  • SoundCloud is a haven for independent artists and emerging talents.
  • Many artists release their music for free on SoundCloud, making it a best place for music enthusiasts.
  • Users can download tracks directly from the platform. It is easy and convenient.

3. Jamendo


Jamendo Music

Jamendo stands out as a unique platform that focuses on promoting independent music, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a diverse and undiscovered musical landscape.

The website acts as a haven for independent artists who willingly share their creations with a global audience. With a vast selection of songs spanning various genres, Jamendo enables users to explore and discover hidden gems outside the mainstream.

What sets Jamendo apart is its commitment to supporting emerging talents, offering a platform for artists to showcase their work and for listeners to access quality music for free. Navigating through Jamendo is user-friendly, making it an inviting space for music enthusiasts to uncover fresh sounds and contribute to the independent music community.

In essence, Jamendo not only provides an extensive library of free music but also fosters a supportive environment for artists on the rise.

  • Jamendo is a platform that focuses on promoting independent music.
  • It offers a vast selection of songs that are available for free download.
  • Users can explore various genres and discover hidden gems.

4. Free Music Archive


Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive (FMA) stands out as a dedicated platform committed to providing a rich array of free and legal music downloads. With a user-friendly interface, FMA offers a diverse range of genres, from classical to electronic, ensuring there’s something for every music enthusiast.

What sets FMA apart is its commitment to supporting independent artists, making it a hub for both emerging talents and established musicians. Users can freely explore and download music, contributing to a community that values accessibility and creativity.

Whether you’re seeking mainstream hits or hidden gems, the Free Music Archive remains a valuable resource in the vast landscape of online music platforms, embodying the spirit of open access to musical expression. These all features make it one of the best songs downloading websites.

  • As the name suggests, Free Music Archive is dedicated to providing free and legal music downloads.
  • The platform offers a diverse range of genres, from classical to electronic.
  • Users can easily navigate through the website and download music hassle-free.

5. DatPiff



DatPiff stands out as a premier platform for hip-hop and rap enthusiasts, offering an extensive collection of mixtapes. Recognized for its role in promoting emerging artists, DatPiff allows musicians to release their mixtapes for free, fostering a vibrant community of rap aficionados.

Users can delve into a diverse array of hip-hop tracks, ranging from established artists to rising stars, all available for complimentary download. It is one of the best free English songs download sites.

With a user-friendly interface and a focus on mixtape culture, DatPiff provides a unique and dynamic space for both artists and fans. Whether you’re discovering the latest underground talent or enjoying the offerings of established rap icons, DatPiff remains a go-to source for free and legal hip-hop downloads in 2024.

  • If you’re into hip-hop and rap, DatPiff is the go-to platform for mixtapes.
  • Artists often release their mixtapes for free download to gain exposure.
  • Users can explore a vast collection of english hip-hop tracks and download them without any cost.

6. Internet Archive


Internet Archive

The Internet Archive, featured among the top websites for free English song downloads in 2024, stands out as a digital library offering a diverse musical collection. Boasting an extensive array of tracks spanning various eras and genres, the Archive provides a unique platform for music enthusiasts.

From here you can download top 100 English songs free download mp3. Users can explore both popular and rare songs, making it a valuable resource for those seeking a broad spectrum of musical experiences.

What makes the Internet Archive apart is its commitment to preserving cultural artefacts, including music, for future generations.

By offering free downloads, the platform facilitates easy access to a rich musical heritage, making it a must-visit destination for those looking to expand their music library while embracing the digital age’s archival possibilities.

  • The Internet Archive is a digital library that hosts an extensive collection of music.
  • Users can find both popular and rare tracks from different eras.
  • The platform allows free downloads, making it a valuable resource for music enthusiasts.

7. Bandcamp



Bandcamp stands out as a unique platform that empowers artists by giving them control over their music distribution. Unlike other sites, Bandcamp allows artists to set their pricing, giving them the flexibility to offer their music for free or with a “name your price” option.

This approach fosters a direct connection between musicians and fans, encouraging a more personalized and supportive relationship. Users can explore a diverse range of genres, discover hidden talents, and directly contribute to their favorite artists’ success.

Bandcamp is not just a source  for free music; it’s a community that values the artistry of musicians and provides listeners with an opportunity to support the creators they love. It adds a personal touch to the music discovery experience, making it a noteworthy destination for both artists and fans. It is also the best English song download site for mobile.

  • Bandcamp is a platform that empowers artists by allowing them to set their pricing.
  • Many artists offer their music for free or with a “name your price” option.
  • Users can explore a variety of genres and directly support their favourite artists.

8. Wynk Music


Wynk Music

Wynk, a popular music streaming platform, offers a seamless music experience for users. While primarily a streaming service, Wynk allows users to download their favourite English songs for offline listening. You can also download top 50 English songs mp3 download free. The platform boasts an extensive library that includes mainstream hits and emerging artists. Users can explore various genres and curated playlists. Wynk’s user-friendly interface makes navigation easy, and its offline download feature ensures that music enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite tracks even without an internet connection.  Only thing that you need is an Airtel number. As it is for Airtel users only.

  • Whynk Music, with its extensive catalogue, offers free songs for download.
  • The platform frequently provides free MP3 downloads as part of promotional offers. 
  • Various different niche song as well as different language songs available on it.

9. NoiseTrade



NoiseTrade stands out as a unique platform that fosters a symbiotic relationship between artists and fans. Adding it in the song downloading websites. This innovative space encourages artists to share their music for free, but with an interesting twist. In exchange for the complimentary tunes, artists request fans’ email addresses.

This mutually beneficial arrangement allows artists to build a direct connection with their audience, keeping them informed about new releases, concerts, and more. Meanwhile, users get access to a diverse array of high-quality music without any monetary cost. It has a wide variety of english songs collections.

NoiseTrade’s model emphasises the importance of community-building and direct artist-fan engagement, making it a refreshing platform for those seeking not just free music, but a deeper connection with the creators behind the melodies.

Discover new sounds, support artists, and expand your musical horizon with NoiseTrade.

  •  NoiseTrade is a platform that connects artists with fans through the exchange of free music.
  •  Artists often share their work for free in exchange for fans’ email addresses.
  •  Users can discover new music and build a collection while supporting artists.


Website: Fm stands out as a unique music platform, offering not only a streaming service but also best English songs download. This versatile platform tailors music recommendations based on users’ listening history, providing a personalised experience. That’s why we have added it to the list of free English songs download sites.’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to explore and download tracks effortlessly. With a focus on understanding individual preferences, ensures that users not only discover new music but also have the option to add those tracks to their collection through free downloads. This dual functionality sets apart, making it a valuable destination for music enthusiasts seeking a seamless blend of discovery and accessibility.

  • is not just a music streaming service but also offers free downloads.
  • Users can explore personalised recommendations based on their listening history.
  • The platform is user-friendly, making it easy to discover and download music.

Mixing Things Above

The internet is a treasure of free and legal music downloads, and these top 10 websites provide a gateway to an extensive world of English songs. These all are English songs free download sites list. From YouTube’s big stage to Jamendo’s indie coolness, these websites are like treasure chests for music lovers. Whether you’re a fan of mainstream hits or enjoy discovering independent artists, these platforms cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that music lovers can find their favourite tunes without breaking the bank. So, enjoy the best English songs download sites!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it okay to download English songs for free from these websites?

Ans. Yes, it’s completely okay! All the websites we talked about here allow you to download English songs legally and without any issues. Artists willingly share their music on these platforms to reach more people.

Q2. Can I use these platforms on my phone?

Ans. Absolutely! You can use all these platforms on your phone by either using their mobile apps or visiting their mobile-friendly websites. This way, you can enjoy your downloaded English songs wherever you go.

Q3. Do I have to make an account to download songs?

Ans. Not necessarily. Some platforms let you download songs without making an account. But, creating one can make your experience better. It might give you extra features like personalized song suggestions and the ability to create playlists.

Q4. Are there any limits on how many songs I can download?

Ans. Most platforms have some limits to make sure people use them fairly. However, these limits are usually reasonable, and you still have a lot of freedom to download. Check the policies of each platform for specific details.


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