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Audeze Maxwell Gaming Headset Review

The Audeze Maxwell gaming headset is a testament to the brand’s commitment to superior sound quality. With its release, Audeze has set a new benchmark for what audiophiles and gamers can expect from a high-end wireless headset. The Maxwell stands out with its newly designed 90mm planar magnetic drivers, delivering a rich and precise audio experience, making it perfect for gaming music and media consumption.


The design of the Maxwell is a significant shift from Audeze’s previous models like the Penrose and the Mobius. It boasts a robust build with an aluminium and steel frame, complemented by glass-infused nylon earcups. These are built up with plush, leatherette-covered foam earpads that promise comfort even during extended use. Despite its weight of 1.06 pounds, the headset’s moderate clamping force ensures a snug fit without causing discomfort.

Battery Life

One of the most impressive features of the Maxwell is its battery life. Rated at over 80 hours, it offers one of the longest playtimes available, ensuring gamers can indulge in marathon sessions without frequent charging. Additionally, the headset’s wireless range is equally remarkable, allowing users the freedom to move without losing connection.


The Maxwell comes in two versions: one tailored for PlayStation users and another for Xbox enthusiasts. Both versions are compatible with PCs, but the Xbox variant includes an embedded Dolby Atmos licence, enhancing the audio experience. The PlayStation version, which was the subject of the review, also supports existing Dolby Atmos licences.


In terms of comfort, Maxwell’s sizeable ear cups and weight are noticeable, but they do not detract from the overall experience. The headset’s clamping force is well-calibrated to prevent any discomfort, making it surprisingly comfortable for its size. However, the large ear cups may pose a slight inconvenience for users who plan to travel with their headset.


The microphone quality is another highlight, with good AI noise suppression ensuring clear communication. The boom mic, while finicky, adds to the headset’s versatility, although the built-in mics do not perform as well. Users can also expect an intuitive EQ control via a mobile app, although the lack of manual switching between 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity could be seen as a drawback.


Despite its many positives, Maxwell has its challenges. Its considerable size and weight might be off-putting for some, and the inability to manually switch connectivity modes could be a limitation for users who frequently alternate between devices. Moreover, the absence of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a notable omission for a headset in this price range.

In conclusion, the Audeze Maxwell is a premium wireless headset that delivers exceptional audio quality and comfort. It is designed with the discerning audiophile and gamer in mind, offering a blend of high-end features and performance. While it may have a few shortcomings, the Maxwell is undoubtedly a strong contender in the market, setting a high standard for wireless gaming headsets.


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