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Top Sites for Bengali Web Series Free Download

Bengali Web Series Download

Discover the best of Bengali cinema right at your fingertips. Our curated list of top sites for free Bengali web series downloads brings you closer to the stories that resonate with the heart of Bengal. Whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy, or thrillers, these platforms offer an easy and cost-free gateway to a world of entertainment. Stay tuned as we unveil the ultimate destinations for Bengali web series enthusiasts. We will cover the top platforms for Bengali Web Series Free Download. 

1. Hoichoi TV


Hoichoi TV is a digital platform that has revolutionized the way Bengali content is consumed globally. Launched in 2017, it has quickly become the go-to destination for Bengali speakers looking for original web series, movies, and music. With a focus on providing a diverse range of genres, Hoichoi TV caters to a wide audience, offering everything from thrillers and dramas to comedies and musicals.

The platform’s commitment to quality and originality is evident in its carefully curated library. Popular series like ‘Byomkesh’, ‘Hello!’, and ‘Charitraheen’ have garnered a dedicated following, thanks to their engaging storytelling and high production values. The iconic detective series ‘Byomkesh’ set in the 1930s is a particular highlight, bringing the adventures of the sharp-witted sleuth Byomkesh Bakshi to life.

Hoichoi TV is not just about entertainment; it’s also a cultural hub. It hosts a variety of content that reflects the rich traditions and modern nuances of Bengali life. From the mythological horror ‘Parnashavarir Shaap’ to the political thriller ‘Rajneeti’, the platform offers a window into the myriad facets of Bengali society.

Moreover, Hoichoi TV is accessible on multiple devices, making it easy for users to stream their favorite shows on the go. The platform also offers offline viewing options, ensuring that even those with limited internet access can enjoy its content.

In addition to Download Bengali Web Series, Hoichoi TV has made significant strides in other forms of entertainment. 

With a user-friendly interface and accessibility across multiple devices, Hoichoi TV ensures that viewers can enjoy their favorite shows anytime, anywhere. You can also use this to download latest Gujarati movies and for other languages, like Marathi movie download site list. 

  • Launched in 2017, headquartered in Kolkata.
  • Offers a wide range of Bengali web series and movies.
  • Popular series include ‘Charitraheen’, ‘Hello’, and ‘Byomkesh’.
  • Known for original content and high production values. 

2. ZEE5



ZEE5 has emerged as a significant player in the streaming world, especially for Bengali audiences seeking quality web series. With a robust selection of genres ranging from drama and romance to crime and action, ZEE5 offers an extensive catalog of Bengali web series that cater to diverse tastes.

The platform is popularly known for its original content, including acclaimed series like ‘Kaali’. It is a wonderful series that focused on the dark underbelly of Kolkata and”a heartfelt biopic of the legendary and forgotten footballer Krishanu Dey. ZEE5’s can also be accessed for new Telugu movies watch online. It has a lot of New Bengali Web Series Download for free. 

ZEE5’s user-friendly interface enhances the viewing experience, making it easy for subscribers to navigate through its vast library. The platform also offers personalized recommendations, ensuring that viewers discover new series aligned with their preferences.

Moreover, ZEE5 doesn’t shy away from bold narratives, often exploring complex themes and stories rooted in reality. This approach has not only won them a loyal fanbase but also critical acclaim, positioning ZEE5 as a powerhouse of Bengali digital entertainment. 

  • Hosts a plethora of Bengali web series across various genres.
  • User-friendly interface with both free and premium content.
  • Series like ‘Kaali’ and ‘Krishanu Krishanu’ are part of its vast library.

3. WonderFox


WonderFox is not a streaming platform but rather a software company known for its video conversion tools. However, it provides valuable resources for those interested in Bengali Web Series Download Site, including Bengali web series. WonderFox’s website lists various sites where users can find and download TV series, which can be particularly useful for viewers looking for regional content like the Bengali web series.

While WonderFox itself does not host web series, its software can assist users in converting downloaded content into different formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. This feature is especially beneficial for fans of Bengali web series who may want to watch their downloaded shows on different media players or share them with friends and family.

It’s important to note that when using sites listed by WonderFox or any other third-party resources, users should ensure they are accessing content legally and ethically. WonderFox’s role in the Bengali web series ecosystem is primarily as a facilitator, providing tools and information that help users enjoy their favorite shows in the format best suited to their needs.

  • Provides a list of free TV series download sites.
  • Offers video conversion tools for different formats.
  • Useful for viewers looking for amazing regional content like Bengali web series.

4. MX Player


MX Player

Also listed as one of the best site to download web series, MX Player has established itself as a versatile and accessible platform for streaming a wide array of Bengali web series. Initially known as a powerful video player app, MX Player has expanded its offerings to include a rich selection of web series that cater to the diverse preferences of its audience.

The platform is particularly appreciated for making content available for free, which includes a variety of genres such as drama, romance, action, and crime. MX Player’s commitment to regional content is evident in its library of Bengali web series, which features popular shows like ‘Hello Mini’, it is  a romantic thriller that explores the complexities of one-sided love. It is worthy of watching. You have a lot of Bengali Web Series Download Free. 

MX Player’s interface is designed for ease of use, ensuring that viewers can effortlessly navigate through the content and enjoy seamless streaming on their mobile phones, laptops, and smart TVs. The app’s availability on both Android and iOS platforms further enhances its reach, making it a preferred choice for Bengali web series enthusiasts.

  • Known for a wide range of free Bengali web series.
  • Accessible on multiple devices, including mobile phones and smart TVs.
  • Features popular shows like ‘Hello Mini’ and dubbed versions of other popular Bengali series.

5. YouTube



YouTube stands as a global platform that has significantly democratized the way we consume media, including Bengali web series. It serves as a vast repository where independent creators and production houses can upload their content, reaching a wide audience without the need for traditional broadcasting channels.

For Free Bengali Web Series Download enthusiasts, YouTube is a treasure trove of content. It hosts a variety of series, ranging from amateur productions by budding filmmakers to professionally produced shows. This platform has been instrumental in showcasing the creativity and storytelling prowess of Bengali filmmakers, who often use YouTube as a primary medium to gain visibility and engage with their audience.

One of the key advantages of YouTube is its accessibility. Viewers can watch web series for free, and the platform’s algorithm often leads them to discover new series through recommendations. Moreover, YouTube’s community features, such as comments and likes, allow for direct interaction between creators and viewers, fostering a sense of community and feedback.

  • Global platform hosting a variety of Bengali web series.
  • Allows independent creators to upload and share content.
  • Free access to demanding Bengali series like ‘Manbhanjan’ and ‘Bou Keno Psycho’.

6. Voot



Voot, a versatile streaming platform developed by Viacom18, has carved a niche for itself in the Indian digital landscape, particularly in the Bengali web series domain. It offers a mix of free and premium content, including a selection of Bengali web series that have garnered attention for their compelling storytelling and production quality. It is one of the most popular Bengali Web Series Download Websites. Recently, it has merged with Jio Cinema. 

One of the platform’s renowned series is ‘Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side, a crime thriller that intertwines mythology with suspense, creating a unique narrative that captivates viewers. The series has been praised for its intricate plot and the performances of its cast, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Voot’s commitment to regional content is evident in its efforts to cater to the Bengali audience, providing them with a platform where they can explore a variety of stories that reflect their culture and societal issues. The platform’s user-friendly interface and seamless streaming experience enhance viewer engagement, making it easy for audiences to access their favorite shows.

  • Offers a mix of free and premium Bengali web series.
  • Known for exclusive content and famous series like ‘Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side.

7. SonyLIV


Sony Liv

SonyLIV has been making significant strides in catering to the Bengali audience with a variety of web series that span across different genres and themes. As a platform developed by Sony Pictures Networks India, it brings a blend of original content as well as popular shows that have been aired on Bengali TV channels.

One of the standout series on SonyLIV is ‘Garmi’1, a political drama that captures the intense emotions and complex world of college politics. The story follows a young man whose life changes dramatically as he navigates through power struggles and criminal activities in his quest for leadership. This series is a prime example of the kind of gripping narratives that SonyLIV offers to its viewers.

SonyLIV’s commitment to regional content is further exemplified by its selection of Bengali web series, which are not only entertaining but also provide insights into the social and cultural aspects of Bengal. The platform ensures that the series is accessible in multiple languages, thereby reaching a wider audience.

  • Provides Bengali web series, including originals and adaptations.
  • Free-available series like ‘Garmi’, a political drama capturing college politics.

8. AddaTimes



AddaTimes is a vibrant platform that has carved out a unique space in the Bengali digital entertainment scene. It is the first of its kind in Bengal, focusing exclusively on Bengali language content, and has been instrumental in promoting Bengali culture worldwide. The platform offers a rich array of original web series, short films, video songs, and more, catering to a diverse audience with varied tastes.

The AddaTimes web portal is known for its original famous series like ‘Khyapa’, a coming-of-age story that has resonated with the youth, and ‘Feluda’, the classic detective series that has been reimagined for the digital audience. AddaTimes also explores unconventional narratives, as seen in ‘Sufiyana’, which delves into the complexities of love and relationships. It is one of the best platforms for Bengali Web Series Movie Download. 

Recently, they released ‘Cabaret’, a period drama set in the 1960s and ’70s in Calcutta, which weaves an unusual love story against the backdrop of contemporary radical politics and social hierarchy. Moreover, the platform celebrated the Bengali New Year with the release of ‘Amriter Sandhane: The Banaras Chapter’, a mythological thriller set in the holy city of Varanasi.

  • The first Bengali OTT platform focuses exclusively on Bengali language content.
  • Offers original web series, short films, and detective movies.
  • Known for series like ‘Khyapa’, ‘Feluda’, and ‘Sufiyana.


In conclusion, Bengali web series offer a rich variety of entertainment that can be easily accessed and enjoyed through various online platforms. Whether you’re interested in drama, comedy, or thrillers, there’s something for everyone in the world of Bengali web content. With the convenience of downloading or streaming, viewers can immerse themselves in the storytelling and creativity of Bengali filmmakers anytime, anywhere.


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